Cynthia Waltho Bio

Raised in the Midwest, I have been a Minnesota resident and a member of the art community for 25 years. I received my colleges degrees from Miami University of Ohio (BFA Fine Art/Painting) and Arizona State University (BFA/Graphic Design). My paintings have been displayed in local art centers, yoga studios and coffee shops. The artwork has received awards at Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts and the Minnesota State Fair where they are regularly exhibited. In Spring 2015 a selection of paintings was on display at the Wilder Foundation in St. Paul. .

The Condiment Jar series draws inspiration from Pop Art. The larger scale of the canvases encourages the viewer to see the details of these commercial food products. My part-time work as a freelance food stylist in the Twin Cities nurtures my bias for food as a great subject matter for art.

The Goldfish series looks at themes of containment and freedom. Capturing the transcendent qualities of water, light and the dance of the goldfish in it's confined space, the viewer is invited to enter into this fluid world creating a meditative experience.

The series of Still Lifes represents a variety of subjects. 

I work in an art studio behind my house.